Adelle’s weight loss plan – The Sirtfood Diet.


Hello friends! Today’s article will be a little different from the others, namely Adelle’s weight loss diet. I stumbled upon her story and found it interesting. As I read it turned out that she used the Sirtuin diet, which is quite an interesting way to lose weight and gives quite good results for overweight people who want to lose weight fast. In the following lines, I will explain what this diet is, how it affects the human body, what are the pros and cons of it and for whom it is suitable.

A little about Adelle’s weight loss story.

Adele is a singer of British descent. She started her career in 2006 and is now 32 years old. Her singing style is pop and she has many hits that made her famous. The singer made a big change in her physique in 2016. She hired a personal trainer and combined physical effort with a very interesting diet called the Sirtuin diet. At the time, this diet was ranked 7th most searched for on Google.

Let’s keep in mind that after Adele lost weight, thanks to the sirtuin diet, she continued to eat in a normal healthy way. She has chosen healthy menus and combined them with sports. Diet was a temporary way to quickly lose weight and start changing her lifestyle.

According to her personal trainer Pete Gerasimo, Adele’s goal was never to lose much weight. Rather, they strived to a healthy lifestyle combined with exercise. This change required a lot of effort and did not happen in a month, on the contrary. Good things take effort and time!

The sirtuin diet.

What is this diet?

This diet is based on research into a group of proteins called sirtuins. You can find more about the effect of sirtuins and calorie deficiency on human metabolism HERE.

The diet was invented by two nutritionists and authors, of British descent, named Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten. Their goal was a healthy lifestyle, not a weight loss diet. The diet is based on an increased intake of a group of proteins called sirtuins. Their function in our body is regulatory. They regulate the information gene 2, which is responsible for cellular regulation in yeast. Sirtuins affect a wide range of cellular processes, such as aging, resistance to stress, inflammation, energy efficiency, and more.

Some plant products contain substances that can increase the levels of these proteins in our bodies. These are – strawberries, soy, onions, parsley, kale, green tea, olive oil, walnuts, turmeric, capers, blueberries, coffee, red wine, dark chocolate, and more. Yes, the diet allows the consumption of dark chocolate and red wine!

The idea of ​​this diet is to reduce the caloric intake to 1000 calories per day and increase the intake of the above-mentioned foods containing active substances that stimulate the production of sirtuins. Three green smoothies a day are consumed during the diet, which further stimulates the production of sirtuins. The effect of this diet is weight loss, while at the same time preserving muscle mass and protection against chronic diseases.

The good thing about the Sirtuin diet is that you can eat anything in a calorie deficit, and the only rule is to eat more foods rich in sirtuins. This allows us to eat varied foods and get most of the necessary nutrients. If 1000 calories a day is too little for us, we can increase the daily caloric intake to some extent. We must keep in mind that in order to lose weight, we must be calorie deficient.

The diet itself is divided into three phases

First phase

It aims to jump-start losing weight. Here, the caloric intake is sharply reduced to 1000 calories per day and a large number of sirtuins-rich foods is consumed, and this lasts up to three days. You should also drink three smoothies a day. The number of meals is not specified, but it is good that they are at least three per day. Recipes for sample dishes with an increased composition of sirtuins are present inside the diet book. There you can also find the recipe for the green smoothies. After the first three days, calorie intake increases to 1500 per day.

People who do not suffer from specific diseases should not have problems with the first seven days of this diet. The only downside here maybe hunger. If you eat more than 2,000 calories a day and want to switch to this diet, to avoid the negative effects of a sharp reduction in calories, reduce them gradually. Other side effects during this phase may be dizziness, fatigue, irritability.

Second phase

During the second phase, which is also the maintenance phase, you should continue to shed weight. The number of calories to consume is not specified, but you should continue with the increased intake of sirtuins from food and smoothies. This phase is lighter and you can choose more various food sources. However, you should maintain a calorie deficit during this phase.

After the diet

After these two phases, you can keep repeating them if you want to lose more weight. In case you do not want to continue eating this diet, it is recommended that you continue to eat foods that are rich in these substances. There are many cookbooks in which you can find recipes for dishes that are rich in sirtuins. The authors of the diet also advise you to continue consuming green smoothies.

Is this diet healthy?

The sirtuin diet, like any other diet, deprives us of some extent of important nutrients for our body. If we have to follow it as described in the book, it will not be healthy in the long run. 1000 calories a day can be very little for most people who want to follow it. Excessive consumption of vegetables and low consumption of fruits is not recommended! Drinking green smoothies, three times a day is also not the healthiest idea for a number of reasons (sugar, teeth, etc.)

A sudden change in daily caloric intake is not suitable for everyone. While some people may simply feel hungry, others may experience complications. Low blood pressure, dizziness, drowsiness, weakness, and more. are one of the most common side effects of low-calorie intake.

In the long run, this diet is not suitable for losing weight! I would recommend using it as a start to your weight loss journey, as a starter to lose a few pounds in the beginning. After the first three weeks, however, it is good to switch to a high-calorie diet and exercise.

For some people, however, this diet fits into everyday life and low-calorie intake is good for them. If you are one of these people and you like this diet, you can change it a little to make it more varied and nutritious. However, a week is not such a long time to have serious health complications. You can always optimize it to make it lighter for your body. So its effect may weaken, but you can still have resulted from it.

My objective opinion about this diet is that it is not suitable in the long run, like the Mediterranean diet, for example. Although it contains many healthy foods, the diet plan is not healthy. You can try it once, but if you feel any sudden changes in your health, stop it immediately! Sirtuins, on the other hand, are promising substances, and I can recommend that you include some of the vegetables listed above in your menu.

Learn how to calculate your calorie deficit HERE.

Always consult a nutritionist before starting a diet!

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