About me


I am Velislav Stoykov, 32 years old, from Burgas, Bulgaria and I have been a certified fitness trainer for 6 years. During this period I have been in various circles and I have communicated with different people. I have helped many who wanted to change. My joy is the joy of my customers! My successes are the successes of the People who chose to trust me! This is the highest and most prestigious award that a coach should work for – to see and feel the satisfaction of your client from the achieved goals and from the change in his whole world. But to be completely honest with you, I will tell you that I have worked with people who were not convinced what exactly they want at this stage of their lives and, accordingly, we have not achieved the desired change. After all, all in good time, right?

It seems to me, however, that I should tell you a little more about myself and why I decided to turn my hobby into a profession.

As a child, I was not an athlete, on the contrary, I was a shapeless boy with weak limbs and an obese torso who found no incentive or discipline to change. Although none of the T-shirts fit me well, that didn’t stop me from being anchored in front of my computer for many years during my high school education. I believed that I was “training”, but the reality was slightly different – I went to the gym for a month or two, then for 5-6 months I didn’t step in the gym at all.

After graduating from PGMKR “St. Nicholas” in Burgas, I still decided that I wanted to become a sailor. Logically, followed by application and admission to the Naval Academy in Varna. But since I was not accepted in the specialty I wanted, I did not find much incentive to study something that did not coincide with my interests, and after one semester I gave up. At the moment, I categorically state that I do not regret my decision!

I returned to Burgas. At a meeting with a good friend of mine who had just finished a brigade in the United States, I learned about the possibilities in the West and, of course, I wanted to go. The only condition was to become a student again. Due to my desire to travel, explore and learn new things, I enrolled in the College of Tourism at the University “Prof. Dr. Asen Zlatarov”. Of course, it wasn’t a dream job, but it was a ticket to the United States. This was followed by applying for a brigade, approval, packing, flights, accommodation, job search… and so on for 3 years in a row. In addition to opening my eyes and seeing a new world, I met many people from different cultures, learned English, and realized my new passion – fitness.

In the United States, I saw for the first time how big the gyms are. I saw walls with coaches’ CVs and preferences, I saw how the coaches work, I saw the hard work, I saw the perseverance and the results. I felt the atmosphere of trust and partnership between coach and client. From all this, and a little more, the idea to be a personal fitness trainer was born.

After the end of my 3rd western summer, in 2012 I returned to Bulgaria to complete the higher education started “for a purpose”. At another meeting with my friend (the same one who referred me to the United States), I learned that he already works as a personal trainer in one of the most modern fitness centers in the city. A proposal for implementation followed, which was difficult to resist. From there, my professional experience in Bulgaria really started. I completed my first training as a personal trainer in the VTC at Jop Support EOOD and started working in the fitness center.

From the first days, I fell in love with my work! I found communication with my clients extremely easy, pleasant, and fun. I worked with pleasure, and when you work with pleasure there is nothing to support you, right? Extremely quickly I fit into the fitness environment and the atmosphere of the center, of course, and with the support of the team. I managed to meet the expectations of my first clients and the results were not late. Only a few months later, I already had a full schedule of personal training for the day. I felt useful, I felt recognized and I empathized with the results achieved with each of my clients! From then on, fitness turned from my passion into a way of life and an exciting profession. A profession that makes me happy through the happiness of my clients!

In conclusion, I would like to share with you what you can expect from me. I define myself as a strict, patient, and purposeful person who gives a lot but also demands a lot. I pay personal attention and devote the necessary time to each person who is determined to take the path to a healthier and more active lifestyle! I can provide everything you need to achieve your goal, but the only thing I can’t give you is desire.

So, the deal is clear: the desire from you, the work – from us!